Department of Policy Implementation, Monitoring of Government Decisions (PIMGD)

The Department of Policy Implementation, Monitoring of Government Decisisons (PIMGD) which was extablished in 2001 has the statutory responsibility of monitoring decisisons of the Federal Executive Council to full implementation.


2. In line with the mandate, the Department is expected to:

  • Establish a comprehensive data and information bank on all Council Decisions dating back to the fisrt meeting of the council in 1999;
  • Prepare and administer a comprehensive questionaire on all Ministries, Parastatals and Agencies for the purpose of identifying the status of implementation of decisions. This comprehensive questionaire will be analyzed to acquire an overview of the degree of implementation of all decisions, specifically seek to identify:

          a. decisions fully implemented;

          b. decisions in the process of implementation;

          c. decisions not yet implemented;

          d. specific constraint to full implementation e.g. faulty concept of the basis of the decisions,                           defective implementation strategy or machinery, absence or inadequate implementation                           resources, countervailing influences  within the system or society in hibiting full or effective                         implementations.

  • Establish a basis for comprehensive analysis of issues and problems relating to Policy Implementation of the Government and target achievements of higher levels of appreciation of all policy decisions as a key objective of Government;
  • Liaise very closely with all Ministries, and relate directly where necessary, with parastatals and Agencies of Government for purpose of collecting and collating information and date, for physical verification and other monitoring activities
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