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The former Federal Ministry of Special Duties, now Special Duties Office, Office of the Secretary to the Government of the federation (OSGF) came into being in February, 2008, when the functions of the Department of Policy Implementation and Monitoring of Government Decisions (PIMGD) along with other Parastatal were transferred to it from the office of the secretary to the Government of the federation. The Ministry acquired its self-accounting status in 2009 and it became operational in 2010 under the approved Accounts Head as given by the Office of the Accountant general of the Federation (OAGF).


The core mandate of the Office is that of monitoring the implementation of federal Executive Council decisions (FEC Decisions). This is in accordance with the highest standards of Public policy Implementation. The reports of the monitoring exercises are expected to be forwarded to the Fderal Executive Council (FEC) on quarterly basis.

The Special Duties Office has the following departments and units:

The Functions and responsibilities

  1. Monitoring the implementation of the Federal executive Council decisions
  2. Preparation and recommendation to Mr. President for the confernment of national merit Awards on deserving Nigerians
  3. Co-ordination and preparation of National honours Awards investiture by Mr. President to deserving Nigerians and friends of Nigeria
  4. Monitoring and evaluation of operations of the Parastatals under the Office vis-a-vis compliance with the extant guidelines and regulations of Government
  5. Serves as the Secretariat of the Presidential Standing Committee on Private Jetties
  6. Serves as Secretariat for Presidential Committee on Prerogative of Mercy
  7. Any other duty/duties as may be assigned

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    The Special Duties Office engages in monitoring the implementation of Federal Executive Council Decisions (FEC Decisions)

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